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When you need a trademark attorney there are plenty of places to look. And whether you find your attorney through the Yellow Pages or word of mouth, there are things you can do to ensure you find a quality person or firm to represent you.


To find the right trademark attorney to represent you, a referral is one of the most reliable ways to locate the professional who will represent you and help you achieve a happy result from your trademark application. A referral from a friend or coworker is one of the most reliable ways to find an attorney. It is also possible to call a business owner and find out who they used for their trademark services.

Search Online

You should also search the Internet for potential attorneys and other online trademark tools. For instance, new startups have sprung up in recent years (like us, for example) that provide trademark application services through the Internet.

And, obviously, you can learn a lot about an attorney through his or her website. Be sure that the attorney you hire really does practice trademark law and doesn’t just list it as one of many practices in which they work. If they list it as a practice, but don’t discuss trademarks elsewhere on their site, then they might be a bad choice.

Bar Associations

Another way to get a reliable referral is to call a lawyer referral service which is usually associated with the local State Bar Association. This kind of service can help link potential clients with the attorneys who practice a particular kind of law.

Additional Tips

Before hiring an attorney, it is best to find out all you can about them, and if possible, to meet them in person. When you meet or speak with the lawyer, also find out if they plan to handle your case personally, or if they plan to farm it out to a subordinate. Lastly, be sure to discuss the fees the application will entail, if they will have an hourly fee, a fixed fee, or some other method for handling the case, and find out if there will be other fees associated, such as filing fees and similar expenses.

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*This article is very general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. Readers with legal questions should consult with an attorney prior to making any legal decisions.